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Do you ever wrestle with the issue of time? How many days do you have where you create your agenda, get to work and never get to it? Do you ever have days where you go in early or stay late to get your work finished? Have you ever stayed after everyone had left? You watch the last one leave, you wave good night and think I would like to work for me. Is there something wrong with a picture where you never get to your work?

Time is one of the most precious gifts we have, and at the same time it is blamed for a lot of our frustrations. Day in and day out I hear people talk about not having enough time. Daily, I watch people as they struggle with all there is to do. Constantly, I see people who are exhausted, because they are buried with more than their time will allow them to complete.

My research tell me these are the common things that eat the average person’s TIME:

The inability to say “no”

The result — you keep getting more and more added to your already...

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