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Millionaire Mindset

Mindset! It is the strength to all that you are. Your mind is more than a glob of grey matter that sits atop your head!! It is the control center to everything your life is.

The challenge is what are you doing to strengthen your mind? I watch so many get to a place in their life’s journey, and then, drop out of the school of learning. For many they get trapped in the routine they establish for their life and ”settle into” a life of repetitive behavior. That is good for a while, but at some point, a few, are willing to challenge the trap and find a way to break out. That is not easy!

That trap of routine will:

Trample on your creative spirit

When you aren’t challenging your mind on a consistent basis, it tends to hamper your mind’s desire for adventure.

Resist changes that upset your routine

Trapped in routine makes you fight the changes that will take you out of your routine, even though you talk about wanting more for your life.

Allow you to live in a...

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