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Strengthening Hope During This Time of The New Abnormal

fear hope human behavior Mar 26, 2020

This is a new time for all of us. It is a time where most of what has made us feel safe and secure has now been rearranged without our permission. This has left so many feeling lost, confused, and struggling with the unknown. For many, this has unleashed a host of emotions that are pulling them in a multitude of directions.

Ralph told me during a phone call, “I have never felt so out of sync. I get up in the morning, find myself starting to do my normal routine and remember, Whoops!”

Ralph is like so many who have found the routine of their life changed without their permission.

I just got off another phone call where Linda said, “I talk to my friends, and they are so lost. The routine they have lived each day is now not there. They just can’t seem to adjust to what is happening. They are lost without their normal routine.”

This new abnormal (not normal) is having a very strong effect on people. Their life is out of sorts, out of sync, and out of their...

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