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Understanding Pace & Patience

calmness control pace patience Mar 03, 2023

Have you ever met yourself coming back and didn’t realize you had been there yet? Have you ever gone through a time when you felt your life was just out of control? The harder you worked the less you got done; the more you tried to achieve the more you found waiting for you around the corner.

Most who are high achievers or who have this strong desire to succeed, find their #1 enemy is not time; it is actually pace. Each year I take on five people and work as their mental coach for a year. One of my great challenges is to get them to slow down and move at a pace they can manage.

When I talk to them about slowing down, I always get this funny look that says. "Yea, right. I am going to slow down. I am already so far behind I will never get caught up."

It is a major lesson for them to learn. The faster you move the less mental clarity you have. The faster you move the less calmness you bring to anything you touch. The faster you move the more you open yourself to the negatives...

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