Millionaire Mindset

Mindset! It is the strength to all that you are. Your mind is more than a glob of grey matter that sits atop your head!! It is the control center to everything your life is.

The challenge is what are you doing to strengthen your mind? I watch so many get to a place in their life’s journey, and then, drop out of the school of learning. For many they get trapped in the routine they establish for their life and ”settle into” a life of repetitive behavior. That is good for a while, but at some point, a few, are willing to challenge the trap and find a way to break out. That is not easy!

That trap of routine will:

Trample on your creative spirit

When you aren’t challenging your mind on a consistent basis, it tends to hamper your mind’s desire for adventure.

Resist changes that upset your routine

Trapped in routine makes you fight the changes that will take you out of your routine, even though you talk about wanting more for your life.

Allow you to live in a world of excuses, reasons and avoidance behavior

As long as you have these three in your life, you can find the justification to remain in your Circle Of Sameness!

Paralyze you with fear and make you a hostage inside your self-constructed prison cell

The biggest reason I have found that people struggle with breaking free is the Fear of the Unknown!! Their routine has become their security blanket, their safe space, and to let go of that and step into a different world for their life contains too much FEAR!!

Your mind is about freedom; it is about adventure; it is about pushing you to always be willing to explore the “more” that is presented you. For years I have watched people with so much talent waste their life by remaining in their self-limiting behavioral trap they have made okay for their life. When you study them, you can see the sadness in their life; when you listen to them, you can feel the disappointment for the life they have accepted; when you listen to the words that aren’t being spoken, you know they have settled for “what is,” and lost their spirit of “what I can achieve!” I find many don’t understand why I emphasize the fact you either live from your mind down or your emotions up!!

Your life always has a direction to it!! You are always moving; the human life is never standing still. That movement is either designed to take you in circles or take you forward. When someone tells me, “I feel stuck,” ”I don’t know what to do with my life” or “I wish I could do more,” I know are trapped on their oval track of repetitive behavior. That is not the purpose of life!!! You are meant to live from your MIND DOWN, NOT YOUR EMOTIONS UP!!

Have you ever heard people talk about others who have refused to live in the “trap,” or have lived their life from the inside-out, and through their desire for more, their determination that won’t stop them when the terrain changes and their discipline that keeps them focused and driven, BREAK FREE and soar to the horizon with an understanding of success? Each day they put one foot in front of the other because of their belief, trust and faith in their self?

People say, “They’re lucky!” They talk about life being handed to them (the silver spoon theory). They don’t understand the drive that pushes them through their fear and feeds their mind the confidence that doesn’t allow failure to become defeat!!

These are the people who understand the importance of Mindset! They are not unique or lucky or special!! They are the 2% who aren’t willing to settle; they are the 2% who understand this is their life; they understand they have talents; they believe in their self and have chosen to see failure as fertilizer and refuse to settle when they know they have a mind without limits; they are inwardly strong and willing to push through the changing terrains, allow change to become improvement and open their life to change the unknown into their world of opportunity and improvement.


Is there more for your life that you want? Are you tired of lying to yourself with words?

Are you ready to break free, strengthen your mindset, and soar to success? Are you ready for more? Are you ready to set yourself free and really experience life? 

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This is not about hype! It is beyond Motivation! It is all about Inner Strength! I am going to share with you some of the 2% I have worked with and the process that allowed them achieve a Mindset that refused to be limited!!

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