Start Your Engines

There are certain phrases, that when spoken, everyone knows what the phrase is related to. One of the most famous statements is, “Gentleman, start your engines!”

Anyone who has heard that statement realizes it relates to the world of auto racing. The statement is the signal that things are about to happen. All the work that has been done in preparing the car for the race, all the hours of team preparation and all the experience of the driver is about to explode and be defined by what happens on the track.

If you have ever been to a NASCAR race or watched a race on TV, when those words are spoken, “Gentleman, Start Your Engines,” the energy goes through the roof!

The cars roar, they make their way around the track, the pace care drops out, the flag is dropped and the RACE is on! Not all the cars that start the race are going to finish the race. Some will have engine problems, and there will be crashes. For those who don’t finish, all the hard work and effort is wiped away and they must start thinking about the next race. Is there disappointment? YES! Yet, next week they will be back with the same determination. Why? Because their season is not defined by one race! In the midst of victory or disappointment, there is still another race.

Here is what I see as I look at our society today. The signal has been given, “Folks, Start Your Engine!” but most people are just sitting in their car. The opportunity is in front of them, but they have chosen to let the fear of the race paralyze them.

Why are people so paralyzed today?

Preparation wasn’t done. Too many people got so caught up in being busy, they didn’t take the time to learn from the experiences they were handed. Now, when they need those lessons, they have been lost.

Emotions are all over the place. The increase in people’s emotions has created a reactionary society. When your emotions are all over the place, you live in confusion that strengthens your fears which doesn’t allow you to make decisions. The result is you are paralyzed.

Opinions are being accepted as facts! Opinions don’t give factual proof; they simply state a person’s personal feeling. You can’t put your faith in an opinion; if you do, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. That’s the challenge today! Most of what is being stated is opinions, not facts. Too many people are accepting those opinions as truth and then suffering the disappointment. The result is them being emotionally paralyzed.

Personal confidence diminishes. When you stop trusting yourself, you open yourself to all the negative attacks that come at you each day. Your confidence is your power shield that reflects the negative, but when your power shield is down, you will be hit. That will not only stun you, but can also knock you out of the race.

It lessens your desire to fight through. Throw enough at any of us and it will weaken our resolve. When you start believing there is nothing you can do, you will shut down your imagination and strengthen your emotions. At that point you will be mentally paralyzed and not be able to focus on the track in front of you.

Expectations have been lowered. Put all of the above together and part of your inner spirit has been sucked out of you. It is not that you don’t want to continue to be strong and resist the negative, but it is challenging to find the positive to hang on to. So, what will many do? They will adjust by lessening their inner resolve. They will join in with the masses, rather than stand inwardly tall and continue to strive to stay true to their foundation of beliefs that has brought them to this point in their life.

You can’t allow this to happen to you! You can’t give in, give up and be sucked into a world that steals your life and replaces it with existing in a lesser design.

YOU HAVE TO START YOUR ENGINE! With all that is going on around life today, how do you accomplish that?

Stay Focused On The Track!

You can’t keep looking in your rear view mirror or staring off into the future. You have to keep your focus on what must be done while you are traveling this course. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the opinions of others; stay true to yourself and what you know you need to be doing. Make the track your focus!


You must trust yourself; you must not let your emotions shut down your imagination. Create a mental plan that comes from you trusting your imagination. Get up each day with a positive plan and implement it through positive behavior that is designed to keep you focused on “what is,” rather than what you are being told “is.” Trust your inner self!

Adjust Your Surroundings!

Stop! Stop listening to the WOE-ites. They are not your friends; they are your enemies. Narrow your sphere of your influence group to those who are also seeking to improve “while” they are going through this transition. Don’t get sucked into the negative hype and lose your personal positive power. Make sure those around your life are supporting your journey!


The question isn’t whether you will get knocked down, but how long will you stay down. You must be resilient. You must strengthen your mental focus. You must, more than ever, create a daily diet of positive nutrients. What you put into your mind must create the strength to resist the emotional upheavals.

Tackle Your Fears Head On!

Don’t give fear a foothold; don’t let it establish a strengthening presence in your life. The fear will be there; face it with positive affirmations. Use programs like my Morning Minute, CDs, books and other positive re-enforcements to keep yourself mentally strong.

Hear me! It is time to Start Your Engine! Rev-it-up so that everyone will know you are ready to face this track of life. Don’t just sit there and let your battery die, or allow yourself to run out of fuel. Start Your Engine and win this race! Zoom, Zoom!

Ten Affirmations To Live By:

1. I have been given the gift of time; I will use it wisely to create the life I was meant to have.
2. I have been given a creative mind; I will sharpen it each day, so I can enhance my creative skills.
3. I have been given the gift of life; I will explore it each day and find my creative skills.
4. I have been given the right to choose; I will make wise choices, so I can become even more creative.
5. I have been given the right to be successful. I will continue to creatively improve and strengthen my clarity.
6. I have been given the gift of listening; I will use my eyes and ears to learn the lessons to create improvement.
7. I have been given other people to share my life with; I will respect their presence and continue to create stronger relationships.
8. I have the right to be financially healthy; I will continue to seek ways to build my financial freedom.
9. I have been given the right to be me; I will work each day to learn more about who I am and how I can create value.
10. I have been given a spiritual core; I will strengthen that core so I can have a presence that is present when I am not present.

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