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    We Are All Humans That Deal With Daily Struggles! Working with people from all walks of life Richard has discovered that as different as we think our life is, we are all the same when it comes to personal struggles. The NEW online Power To Be series has the answers to break your circle of sameness!Richard Flint teaches you to be the best you can be!.
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    Do you want a better life than you have right now? Can you be happier, healthier and more successful? Of course you can! Richard Flint has been successfully mentoring people from all walks of life for over 30 years and he can show you how!Want a better life than you have right now? Richard Flint can show you how!
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  • Improve Your LifeImprove Your Life

    . . .One Minute at a Time. What if I could help you start your day with an energy boost designed to help you emotionally prepare for your day? Most of us don't mentally prepare for our day, so we end up getting emotionally sucked into it. This makes a day emotionally challenging.Do you ever need an energy boost in the morning to get you started?Get the Morning Minute!
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StarMaker2015 Personal freedom is a choice you make every day with your behavior. +
Conversations wRichard sm Join us each month as Richard shares information on topics of interest. +

Conversations with Richard

Free radio program

Mentor w Richard Work Directly with Richard Flint. +

Mentor with Richard

Individual Mentoring

Ownership vs Leadership Learn the difference between being the "Owner" and the "Leader". +

Leadership Progams

with Richard Flint

When u Care Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience. +

Sales/Customer Care

with Richard Flint

Wheres Life Taking U Life only has two directions it can go - in Circles or Forward. +

Personal Development

with Richard Flint


The Morning Minute - Get Your Free 21 Day Trial

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Want an energy boost in the morning? Do you need refueling, recharging, refocusing or redirection for your life?

Then you need to join Richard each morning as he gives you one of his thoughts to challenge your day.  The Morning Minute is a unique way to start your day.  Each Day you receive a 60-second video message from Richard Flint.

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