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    StarMaker 2016 - A Time of Discovery! You are more than the person you are right now! There is so much “more” for you to discover about yourself. This StarMaker will challenge your view of yourself, the design of your life and present you with a 9-Step Plan To Discover The You, You Can Become!
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  • Strengthening Your ConnectionStrengthening Your Connection

    Strengthening Your Connection! Richard Flint's Couples Valentine Weekend Retreat. No Relationship Is Perfect, But All Can Be Perfected! Register Now! Limited Openings
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    You can have a better life than you have now! For those who want real growth in their life, they need more than a Coach; they need a LIFE GUIDE who can work with them in all areas of their life and show them how to connect the pieces in order to have The Best Life Possible!
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Living UptightSTRESS!

It's more than a word; it is a fact of life that brings pressure, doubt, worry and the feeling of uncertainty to YOUR life. In my conversations with people, I am hearing about the increase of pressure in people's live. I hear the struggles with having the time to get things done, the financial pressure being felt, the lack of a clear direction for their life, the fact they are not where they want to be or planned to be at this point in their life. These pressures are adding STRESS to life.


Join me February 16th at 8:00PM ET as we discuss the 7 most prevalent issues that are adding STRESS to life today. Remember, you can't eliminate stress, but you can learn to control the pressure stress brings to your life!"

At the end of the presentation, I am going to tell you how you can get a FREE copy of my book, THE TRUTH ABOUT STRESS! I am eager to spend this time with you.

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