When You Care, They Know

60-90 Minutes

A Program Designed To Help Companies And People Understand The Difference Between Customer Service And Customer Appreciation


This seminar offers the piece of the service puzzle that has been missing. Customer service is a concept that is taught with the desired result being customer satisfaction. The challenge is we haven’t really talked about the bridge that connects the concept to the desired result.

In this seminar, participants will be shown how to build that bridge through understanding the power of customer appreciation. The demonstration of caring for customers is the experience of feeling appreciated. When appreciation is missing, so is the feeling of caring. The building of this bridge of appreciation will result in repeat and referral business.

Participants will leave armed with the tools to build that bridge that takes customer service to customer satisfaction by applying customer appreciation.

What is customer appreciation?

The bridge that connects the concept of customer service to the result of customer satisfaction, which is defined by the behavior that all who represent the company demonstrate. 

The Truth About Customer Appreciation

Many companies are good at having a customer service concept, but are weak when it comes to demonstrating an appreciation for customers.

When a customer doesn’t feel appreciated, they will demonstrate that by the lack of business they do with a company or its representative.

Learn The Components Of How To Demonstrate Customer Appreciation


Persistently striving to improve at what we do

Preparing our people to deliver the highest level of care and monitoring that they are delivering

Responding to customer concerns in a time fashion

Expectation will be understood and every effort made to satisfy them

Confusion about any aspect of doing business will be addressed immediately 

Investment in training our people

Attention to detail

Time will be valued

Every customer will be treated with value

The 8 Customer Appreciation Principles

1. Caring for our customers is not an option. It is who we are and what we do. 
We will not just state that we care; we will demonstrate it in every moment of touch.

2. Understanding the real needs of our customers is more important than selling them a product.
We will meet our customer’s need even if it means referring them to someone else.

3. Servicing our customers is not a starting point. It is a continuing process.
We want to strengthen our relationship with our customers.

4. The promises we make will be delivered.
We will not make statements we don’t intend on delivering.

5. Offering clarity and not letting customers experience confusion is a top priority.
We will address any area of confusion before it becomes a customer problem.

6. Managing the “Moments of Touch” is everyone’s responsibility. 
We will not pass the buck. We will empower all people to make decisions. 

7. Expressions of the people create a warm, caring experience.
We will not allow you to doubt our appreciation. We will demonstrate it through the behavior of all our people.

8. Respect is shown and value created.
We will create a presence that has presence when we aren’t present.

Guiding Thought

You can have a concept called customer service and miss the customer or you can express customer appreciation and connect the concept with the experience and create a customer who wants to do more business with you. A customer who feels appreciated becomes a living breathing part of your reputation. That guarantees life.

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