How To Get Back Up When Life Has Knocked You Down

60-90 Minutes

A Program Designed To Help You Handle The Unexpected And Unpredictable Events That Come Your Way In Life


Have you ever watched a talented person waste their talents? The wasting of one’s talents restricts the success they can have with their life. Many use the woes of their life as the reason they can’t do something.

Richard uses his own life story of having his natural mother not want him and giving him away to a family where his adopted mother didn’t want him. At the age of 16, he was handed a suitcase and left standing on a street corner.

In this seminar, Richard will guide participants through his journey of standing on a street corner to becoming one of the most positive and successful people you will ever meet. He believes you are exactly in your life where you want to be. He understands life will knock you down, but that you can take that situation to get up a stronger more self-believing person. He sees failure as fertilizer.

This seminar is more than inspiring. It is the pathway to personal freedom.

What steals Most People's Personal Strength?

Without a strong foundation of personal strength, you will live in a world filled with starts and stops. With this as your design, you will always have to walk through chaos.

What stops or makes people waste their life?

It is not the events of life that stop you. It is your behavior that creates your crisis. Your life is always moving toward something. The challenge is many don’t know what the “something” is. The worst thing you can do with your life is waste it.

Learn the roadmap to finding direction in life

1. What are the most common road signs people miss?
All lives have a direction. The challenge is paying attention to the road signs that are always there to direct you.

2. How do you know if fear is controlling you?
The biggest fears for most right now are the Fear of the Unknown and the Fear of Loss. The enemy you are facing is FEAR.

3. What are the fears doing to people?
The greater these fears are within a person, the more they want to keep things the same. The greater the sameness, the more power these fears have over them.

4. How do you tackle these fears?
The human spirit is resilient. It can bounce back and walk away with a greater sense of personal strength and a clearly defined pathway..

Understanding the Process For Getting Back Up

1. Believe in YOU!
If you don’t believe in you, you won’t trust the decisions you make, which will only weaken you more.

2. Open yourself to taking the necessary risk.
Until you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, you will exist in a world of continual sameness.

3. Unravel all the emotions you have gathered and stored.
The more control your emotions have over you, the more you will resist what you know you should be doing. 

4. Never stop learning.
When you stop learning, you only have your emotional yesterday to draw from.

5. Consistently strive to be persistent with your journey. 
You must have a desire for growth that is stronger than the fear of “what if.”

6. Examine and be willing to pay the price for your dream.
As long as the price tag is acceptable, there will always be growth for you to build on.


With a planned direction, your life will have a calmness that allows you to manage the pace, see the path, and make adjustments that must be made to keep you moving forward and get out of the Circle of Sameness.

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