Breaking The Procrastination Habit

60-90 Minutes
A Program Designed To Help You Understand That Procrastination Is A Choice And How You Can Control It


Procrastination is the #1 behavioral disease faced by people today. Show me anyone who procrastinates and I will show you a person who struggles with time management, organization, making decisions in a timely fashion, the lack of discipline, the lack of consistency, and on and on we could go. Procrastination is a thief that paralyzes a person.

In this seminar, participants are going to learn the “why” and “how” of procrastination and be given a process that allows them to break the procrastination habit and replace it with being able to complete and move forward with their life and business.

What is procrastination?

A chosen behavior that results in becoming frozen in incompleteness. It is a choice. It is not a happening. When procrastination becomes a habit, it will paralyze your ability to complete and move forward. 

Why do people choose to procrastinate?

When you choose to procrastinate, you make your life more difficult than it was meant to be. Your choices make your life either difficult or free to achieve. Procrastination is always a planned behavior.

The 5 Things Procrastination Steals From You

1. Stability
When you are trapped in incompleteness, you don’t have the stability it takes to keep moving forward.

2. Time
Time that is wasted with procrastination steals moments of opportunity you can never get back.

3. Energy
Every time you look at a stack that needs your attention, it depletes your energy reserve. Soon you get tired at looking at those stacks and increase your avoidance behavior through reasons, excuses, and blame.

4. Attention
When all you see is incompleteness that needs your attention, you don’t know where to start, so you tell yourself, “I’ll deal with this later.” That later never seems to be today.

5. Lessons To Build On
Every day you procrastinate, your emotions that surround procrastination take away from your mind’s ability to use the event to move your life forward. 

Learning the 7 Steps To Controlling The Procrastination Habit

1. Commitment to completing what you start, not creating stacks you are going to get to.

2. Organization that is designed to keep you moving forward, not trapped in today.

3. Never walk away from what you can complete right now.

4. Treating your life as a process for growth, not as a happening that will take care of itself.

5. Renewing your commitment to what you are doing with your life.

6. Open to confronting your negative behaviors. 

7. Living from today to tomorrow, not yesterday to today.

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What you do with your time is a statement of what you really want for your life. As long as you choose to procrastinate, you are saying you are not serious about having the success you could have with your life.

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