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A Program Designed To Help You Grow And Expand Your Business By Knowing How To Focus Your Energy And Capture Opportunities In Front Of You


Many business owners and leaders struggle with finding the time to work “on” their business, because they are trapped in having to work “in” their business. The result of not working “on” your business is the lack of planning for future business growth. They become trapped in what their business is and not prepared to take their business to where it can be.

In this seminar, participants will explore how they get their self into this trap, why it is so challenging to find the time to work “on” their business, and be handed a proven process that will free them for having to spend too much working “in” their business. They will leave with a process that will free them to have the time to work “on” their business. The result will be a business that is constantly improving and prepared for growth.

Are you working "on" your business or "in" it?

Most who own a business miss any of their growth opportunities because they are too busy working “in” their business to have the time to work “on” their business.

Focusing energy and capturing opportunity

Until you create the time and have the energy to work “on” your business, it becomes simply a part of your life you throw money at without achieving the success your business could have.

Time stealers, opportunity loss, and the characteristics of playing like a business

1. Time Stealers
When there is no time to work “on” your business, there really is no business; just people showing up and doing something.

2. Opportunity Loss
If there is no time to work “on” your business, you will miss the opportunities that are right in front of you.

3. Characteristics Of Playing Like A Business
A real business is not a playroom. It is an environment where those who share the business space are connected with a common purpose, common agenda, and a common purpose.

Learn the 5 Steps To Treating Your Business Like A Business

1. Take and commit to making working “on” your business a priority and a commitment.
When there is no time to work “on” your business, there is really no plan for growth. Therefore, you are designed to live from yesterday to today. That blinds you to the opportunities that pass right in front of you.

2. Respond, don’t react, to the situations your business brings you.
Every time you react, you turn the pathway to resolution into an emotional jungle. Reacting removes your creative side and replaces it with that emotional jungle.

3. Examine each personality you see to find out there is an opportunity there to grow your business.
Not every possibility is an opportunity. But, you won’t find the opportunities if you don’t slow down and examine the possibility.

4. Align yourself around an understood purpose, an agenda to resolve, and a commitment to not procrastinate with what needs to be done.
A business is an environment. What you do with that environment is a choice. Every choice creates a path, defines purpose, has an agenda, and a commitment to act.

5. Truth at all time about your business.
Behavior never lies! Your actions define what you really want for your business. You must maintain integrity with yourself and others.

BIZ Thought

Succeeding in business is about gathering the right knowledge, and then implementing it with the right behavior and people on a consistent basis.

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