The Soul Of A Champion

60-90 Minutes
A Program Designed To Show People The Pathway From Average To Champion


Champions are born as champions. They are people who have a commitment, a desire, and a discipline that takes them beyond where others stop. Like all of us, they have a talent. However, champions choose to turn that talent into a skill that keeps them getting better and better.

In this seminar, participants will examine the result of Richard’s research with people who chose not to be average and create a pathway to exceptional. The interesting part is that they all shared the same 10 Foundational Principles they built their life on. Participants will leave armed with these principles that they can choose to build their foundation of exceptional upon.

What is a champion?

A person who has the consistent persistency to be persistently consistent with all they are doing, which takes them beyond where others stopped.

How Do You Prepare For a Champion's Life?

All people have been given talents; however, most don’t develop their talents and have to settle for a life that is less than what they were put on this earth to have. 

Champions Seek To Be Better, Smarter, & Taller

1. Being Better.
Any organizations that resists the change that is necessary for it to improve creates its own pathway to self-destruction.

2. Being Smarter.
Gathering insights and not implementing them guarantees you will stay at the same place and continue to struggle with the same stuff.

3. Standing Taller.
One either stands in the crowd and becomes like everyone else, or sees self as an original and strengthens the unique talents they have been given and rises above the masses of average.

The 8 Characteristics of a Champion's Soul

C – curiosity drives their mental framing. 
Curiosity is a quest to understand how to put the puzzle of succeeding in life together.

H – has the mental strength to close out distractions.
Distractions are one of life’s greatest talent thrives.

A – an ego balanced with a sense of destiny.
Everyone has an ego, but not everyone knows how to control their ego in times of victory.

M – money viewed as a reward, not the driving force.
Many people know how to make money. Not all of them know how to be a steward of what they have.

P – passion for improvement creates challenge
Passion is the champion’s inner hunger that can’t ever seem to be satisfied.

I – investment made in mind, body, and spirit.
When the mind, body, and spirit are not connected with a purpose, there will be internal collisions that will destroy the harmony necessary to achieve greatness.

O – open to being challenged by those they respect.
All champions have a mentor. These people provide guidance in many different ways. The connection is the respect that is shared.

N – never stops believing in self.
The foundation of self worth is critical for one to have the self-awareness to see what is, the self-confidence to believe it can be done, and the self-assurance that they can do it.

Guiding Thought

True strength comes from one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual core, which is defined as their soul working together in harmony to create an inner foundation of beliefs and personal trust that directs whom one is.

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