6 Steps To Embracing Change

60-90 Minutes

A Program Designed To Help You Overcome Your Fear Of Change And Understand The 6 Step Process To Making Change A Positive Part Of Your Life


Change creates one of the most consistent struggles that leadership deals with. It is not that they don’t know where they need to improve in their company, but it’s the fear that is attached to change that keeps many from doing what they know they should do. The reality is anything that is not changing is creating its own pathway to destruction.

In this seminar, participants will learn the purpose and the fear associated with change, why making the needed change is such a struggle, and receive a 6-step process that will take the fear out of change and see the positives that improvement will bring. They will leave with a clear understanding of a better business future.

How do companies deteriorate?

Any organization that resists the change that is necessary for it to improve creates its own pathway to self-destruction.

What is the purpose of change?

You either live from your emotions up or your mind down. The direction creates the choices you make.

The 3-Step Process That Governs Change

1. Ending
Endings provide lessons you can use to find the next path.

2. Regrouping
If you don’t take the time to regroup, you will lose the lessons you have learned along the way.

3. Beginning Anew
Many want to just jump in and “do it” without understanding it takes an ending and a regrouping time to be prepared to go forward. If you just “do it” most of the time you have just “done it!”

Understanding The 6 Steps To Embracing Change and Creating Improvement

1. Challenge any routine that keeps you from moving forward.
If you get stuck in repeating what worked yesterday, you can miss the lessons that can create more opportunities for you.

2. Have a clear vision of where you want to go.
If you don’t have a clear vision of where you are headed, it becomes easy to stay where you have been.

3. Adjustments must be made in a timely fashion.
When you procrastinate with the decisions you know you need to make, the terrain will change and now you aren’t prepared to do what you were going to do.

4. Never keep people who don’t share a common purpose, a common agenda, and a common commitment with you.
If you are constantly having to drag, pull, or push people to go forward with you, you will run out of the energy necessary to make the journey. You must be willing to clear the dead wood.

5. Gather the mental strength to deal with the unexpected and find the pathway to continue to move forward.
The terrain of business is always changing, and you must not let the terrain dictate what you do.

6. Expect resistance and be prepared to address it.
Change will always create resistance, which you must be prepared for and strong enough to address.


An organization is a living, breathing thing, which means it has to be nourished and fed the right behaviors. If it is not fed what it needs to grow, it will die. The greatest food it needs is CHANGE. If leadership is not willing to embrace change, they become responsible for the death of the organization.

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