The Truth About Stress



Richard’s book, The Truth About Stress, will offer you insights and information about controlling the presence of stress in your life. More than just another book on stress, this is an emotional tour of your life with pages filled with understandings that take stress to a growth dimension.

The Truth About Stress is not going to take the stress from your life (that will never happen), but it will show you through a step-by-step process, how to control your stress and not let it become something that takes your life away.

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Understanding Your Life From The Inside-Out

How many days do you wrestle with stress?

Do you understand what it is, what it is doing to your life and would you like to learn to control the stress in your life?

Stress is more than something you have in your life; it is one of our nations’ top killers. This is more than a book about stress; it will become one of the definitive works on learning to control the stress in your life. It is more than a book you should read; it is an emotional recipe for keeping stress from destroying your life.

The Truth About Stress contains some of the most revealing insights you will ever read about controlling the effect of stress on your life. The mystery about what stress is will be taken away from you; the confusion about where stress comes from will be cleared. The common stressors in your life will be revealed and each room of your life will be toured and a plan for controlling the stress in that room will be put in place.

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