The Heart Of A Leader



In this revealing program, you will explore what happens when the leader loses their passion, the effect it has on the people and delve into the heart of what every leader must bring to the environment. Leadership is not a position; it is a responsibility that demands the leader be there to help, not fill space.

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How important is passion for what you are doing? What happens if a person in a leadership role lacks passion for what they are doing? Will that affect the energy of the environment? Do you think people will notice?

Guiding Thought: Say what you want, but if your heart isn’t in what you say you want to achieve, it won’t happen for you or those who are traveling with you on the journey.

Just some of the insights covered in this program:

  • Understanding the 5 characteristics of the heart of a leader.
  • Learn how patience is really demonstrated.
  • Discover 6 things that direct enthusiasm.
  • An understanding of what turns a concern into a problem.
  • Learn what celebrating with your people is about.

The program concludes with the 8 traits that makeup the presence of a great leader.

Remember: If your heart is not beating with passion for your business, then your business will die from the lack of heart-felt passion. There is no powerful leadership without heart.

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