Strengthening The Family



Richard shares his heart in this series about how much your family means to your life. He explains his definition of family: a unit of lives committed to a direction.

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How important is family?
Why have we lost focus?
How do we get back to a family driven society?
What is really weakening the family?

Without a healthy sense of family, you cannot have the deepest meaning of sharing this world with other people. Do you feel like you’re spending good quality time with your family? Your family needs your time to feel valued and wanted. The family issues that you don’t resolve today become the criticisms and conflicts of your tomorrows. No matter how far you run, your family issues will be at your new destination.

In this learning experience, you will:

  • learn to communicate with each other
  • explore the reasons that most couples drift apart
  • discover the strengthening process

Remember: It is the Family Room that teaches us about relationships, emotional stability and the meaning of love and personal acceptance.

8 CD Set

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