Sharpening Your Listening Skills



Listening is not a skill you were born with. Sure, you can hear, but it takes time and effort to listen. Without listening as your strongest communication skill, your life will be filled with confusion, misunderstandings and battles you must fight every day.

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How important is listening? Simply stated, of the 5 skills you need to develop, Listening is the most important! Without you being a good listener, communication will always create some point of confusion. Listening is you involving your ears to hear words and your eyes to hear behavior. It takes both to be a good listener.

In this information packed program Richard will:

  • Break down the 4 major points of confusion and how to prevent them
  • Characterize the 6 consequences that occur when you don’t listen
  • Explain the 6 tell tale signs someone isn’t listening to you
  • Illustrate the 9 Secrets to sharpening your listening skills to achieve great results

2 CDs

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