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In Selling Made Simple you are going to examine the proven process to the classic art of the salesperson connecting to today’s customer. The stage is set, the components are present and through these thought-provoking CDs you are going to learn how to connect the components, strengthen the relationships and get yourself back into the simplicity of selling.

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It’s the oldest profession known to mankind. What I’m talking about is the profession of selling.

It started in the Garden of Eden—with a customer, Eve; the product, an apple, and the salesperson, the Serpent—the process of selling hasn’t stopped. Everywhere you go, something is being sold. Whether it is an idea or a product, selling is an everyday part of our life.

Over the years the components haven’t changed. There is a product being presented to a customer by a salesperson, with the desired result of the customer purchasing the product from the salesperson. The process is simple until the components get out of alignment.

Welcome Back To The True Art of Selling!

14 CD Set

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