Getting Beyond Life’s Negative Tapes



A program designed to help you control the negative tapes in life that continue to play whether you want them to or not.

What would your life be like if negative fear no longer held you hostage in your Circle of Sameness? What would your life be like if you overcame your negative fears?

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This information packed program will provide you with the pathway to live your life free of those negative fears.

Just some of the information covered in this program:

  • Understand the Four Emotional You’s
  • The 6 things negative people are always looking for
  • Explore the 8 styles of negative behavior
  • The 6 steps that keep you from getting sucked in by a negative person
  • Learn the 6 negative fears that can control your life
  • Discover the 10 principles for controlling negative fears

Remember: Life is not defined by where you are or what you have experienced. It is defined by the emotional tapes you have made about each event your life has passed through.

6 CD Set

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