Managing Growth, Not Chaos



The insights presented in this thought provoking program will challenge all levels of leadership to look at how they spend their time and understand the process they must implement to have the time to manage growth, not chaos.

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The program concludes with an in-depth look at how to stop managing chaos and start providing growth.

Guiding Thought: The difference between growth and chaos is simple; growth is about moving the environment forward with a defined direction, while chaos is about taking the environment in circles filled with repeating issues.

Just some of the insights covered include:

  • What makes leadership so challenging for leaders?
  • What does chaos look like in an organization?
  • What does chaos do to a leader?

Remember: Providing growth or chaos is a choice made each day by those in a leadership role. Once the choice has been made, it is demonstrated by the behavior the leader brings to the environment.

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