Letting Go of Fear (A Virtual Seminar)

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Fear is one of the top emotional challenges you have in your life.

Fear is a two-faced emotion. It has both a positive and negative effect on your life. The challenge is knowing the two faces, recognizing the characteristics, and “Letting Go” of negative fear in order to allow fear to be a positive part of your growth journey.

When you learn to control your negative fear, you bring positive power to your life. When you have control of your fear, you have the power to make your positive more of a presence than your negative. Controlling your fear allows you to face the negatives fear throws at you and allows you to face all the emotions fear brings. Expectations turn from “can’t” to “will,” and resilience replaces resistance.

Here are a few of the things Richard will discuss about fear:

  • What feeds most people’s fear?
  • What does fear steal from your life?
  • Learning the difference between positive and negative fear.
  • Learning the 6 fears you will live with all your life.
    Learning how to face and control your 6 fears.


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