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How much do you respect yourself? How important is it for you to design your life for "Living Forward?" Are you really honest with yourself when you talk about having a life where your positive behaviors are stronger than your negative actions?

This is one of the biggest challenges you face in allowing yourself to "Live Forward." From July to December in our monthly Virtual Seminar Series, we are going to explore "Letting Go!" Why would YOU choose to "Hang On To" behaviors that cause you pain, feed your frustrations, and hold you back from growing? Join Richard to examine and learn to "Move Beyond" these self-limiting behaviors.
Isn't it time you learn to "Let Go" so you can "Live Forward?"

Get access to all 6 Virtual Seminars, July through December 2022, on a monthly plan (a savings of $24).

Monthly Pass purchase includes LIVE access on day of event, access to each virtual seminar recording for 1-year, and the Study Guide download for each program. Additional details below.

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Event 1: Understanding The Power of Letting Go

Recorded Live on July 9, 2022
(Immediate Access)

Emotions play a part in whom we are, how we look at events of life, and what we are able to achieve. One of the great challenges is the struggle between “Letting Go” and “Hanging On To.” Hanging on is one of the traps that keeps us in the Circle of Sameness. It is an emotional trap that keeps you in the rearview mirror and doesn’t allow you to live a life without self-imposed limits. Join Richard as he talks about the process of “Letting Go” and learning to “Live Forward.”

Event 2: Letting Go of Fear


10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT

(Access to Live Virtual Seminar)

Fear is a two-faced emotion! It has both a positive and negative effect on your life. The challenge is knowing the two faces, recognizing the characteristics, and “Letting Go” of negative fear in order to allow fear to be part of your growth journey. Join Richard to explore the emotion of Fear from its two faces.

Event 3: Letting Go of Doubt


10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT

(Access to Live Virtual Seminar)

Doubt is one of the most powerful self-limiting emotions you have in your life. It is what I call a “prison” emotion. It holds you hostage because its power comes from the outside-in. It will stunt your growth and cause tremendous emotional pain. Join Richard as he explores the process of “Letting Go” of doubt, so you can be free of its friends, "worry and uncertainty."

Event 4: Letting Go of Distractions


10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT

(Access to Live Virtual Seminar)

How often do you get distracted? Your mind is focused, and then there is this emotional wave that sweeps over you and causes you to lose your concentration. Distractions are another of the self-limiting emotions. It steals your focus and replaces it with starting. The challenge is you can’t just go back to your point of focus and pick back up! Distractions are a big cause of mental clutter! Join Richard and explore what creates the detours distractions create and learn to “Let Go” of the control it has over your ability to "Live Forward."

Event 5: Letting Go of Yesterday


10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT

(Access to Live Virtual Seminar)

You either live looking forward or exist looking back! “Letting Go of Yesterday” is another form of being an emotional prisoner. Yesterday has a positive purpose in your growth journey, yet at the same time, it can create one of the biggest self-limiting internal fights you will face. Join Richard to learn how to “Let Go” of the hostage aspect of Yesterday and allow it to be a big part of you “Living Forward."

Event 6:  Letting Go of Your Dysfunctional Behavior


10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT

(Access to Live Virtual Seminar)

You are a person of choice! Everything about your life involves you making a choice. With every choice you make, there is a path created that is visually defined by your behavior. You know Richard's three words: “Behavior Never Lies!” Join Richard as he discusses why you would choose Wrong over Right, Self-Destruction over Self-Freedom, or choosing to create pain over healthy living. Together, you will learn to “Let Go” of making those choices you know can destroy “Living Forward."


What's Included:

Each virtual seminar is 70-75 minutes in length, comes with a study guide to use during the presentation, and includes Richard as an accountability partner with you. Ticket purchase also includes access to the Digital Content Time Capsule.

The recording of these events will be available in your account library within 1-2 business days after the event date. Access to the virtual seminar recordings will be valid for one year after release.

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The Psychology of Achieving Personal Greatness Series

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Growth is not automatic; it is a process one has to prepare for. Without this process in place, a person will struggle with a lack of understanding and direction.

🖥 Course Outline

• The Cost of Greatness: You can only go as far as the price you are willing to pay.

• Creating The Focus: Growth demands you be able to design and maintain your focus.

• Planning The Journey: A total creation of designing a personal plan for achievement.

• Taking Action: Learning how to sharpen the focus and work the plan to take the correct action steps.

• Learning To Team Up: Learning the process that allows you to surround yourself with others who help you achieve greatness.

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