The Freedom To Soar (Audio Course)

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Every situation you face in life will test your desire and expose your negative fear. Only one will prevail, and that one gets control of your life. This battle for control is what you fight each day with your behavior.

Most don’t understand the personal battle they are fighting each day. If they would slow down and see what is happening, they would discover the personal battle that is being fought between the “Old You” and the “New You.” The “Old You” wants you to repeat and stay the same. The “New You” wants you to break free of the Circle of Sameness and achieve all your life was designed to have.

Recorded LIVE, you will learn:

  • The importance of presence.
  • What turns your life into a battle zone.
  • 6 philosophies that guide your behavior.
  • The weapons the “Old You” uses to hold you hostage.
  • The 6 things you must master to make sure you are moving forward, not in a circle.

You see, life is really not about the situations you are handed. Life is about the questions you are willing to ask. Every situation contains right and wrong questions. Ask the right questions, and you gain resolution and clear direction. Ask the wrong questions, and you feed your confusion and add to your frustrations. The key is knowing the right questions to ask. Without that understanding, you are trapped in repeating, not improving.


(Audio Course and Study Guides)

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