Breaking Free (Paperback)

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Have you ever felt like a prisoner in your own life? There are things you want to achieve, but feel limited in your ability to achieve them. There are issues you would like to resolve, but feel incapable of getting beyond the emotional hold they have on your life. You long for a calm life filled with a sense of peace, but find yourself facing the same issues over and over. You are tired of the exhaustion and want to Break Free! Breaking Free is filled with insights designed to move your life beyond the confusion and frustration that challenge your desire for personal success. It deals with the #1 issue that makes a person a prisoner in their own life — the negative emotional tapes you have made about the events your life has been through. Every event your life has been handed has an emotional tape attached to it. That emotional tape has two tracks — positive and negative. What you know and feel about that event is determined by which aspect of the tape you choose to play. This book is about learning to overcome the negative that has found its way into your life. It explores how yesterday becomes a prison, rather than a reference library. It explains why you choose to replay the negative, rather than find the positive. It takes you through the process of overcoming the negative emotional tapes and shows you the four steps necessary for Breaking Free of the Circle of Sameness.


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