The Truth About Stress (Paperback)

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Stress Can Be A Positive Force In Your Life 
Your life is given stability from the inside out, not the outside in. In this book, Richard brilliantly describes your life as a house made up of four rooms: 

• Personal Room
• Social Room
• Business Room
• Family Room

He explains how stress enters each one of these rooms in your life and how you can often prevent the pressure on the inside of your house. You don't want to just look calm on the outside; you want to stay calm on the inside so the calmness will last.

If you want to understand the stress in your life, you must first understand how your emotions affect your behavior, or in other words, you need to know WHY you do what you do and think what you think! 

This book will help you understand: 

• Why trying to eliminate stress will only make you more stressed
• What three things cause you to mismanage your time
• Why time with yourself is the most important time you will ever spend
• What things you can do to manage your stress


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